The AutoGlow 1000 production plasma cleaner is placed on a table that can be supplied by Glow Research. The chamber has multiple removable and adjustable shelves to accommodate various types of carriers, samples including magazines, wafers or trays. AutoGlow 1000 Production Plasma Cleaner Our systems are designed to strike a plasma as low as 10 watts.
Our systems report the RF power actually going into the chamber in 1 watt increments.
Glow Research System are used in Production as well as R&D, University; applications
Glow Research Plasma Systems do not arc or spark and tune extremely fast.
Plasma etching, plasma cleaning, surface modification, surface activation
Organic removal, photoresist removal, decap, bonding (PDMS), and FA applications.
High purity quartz chambers or anodized aluminum chambers are available.
We manufacture Plasma Systems for the following:
We want our Customers to focus on their research or production.
At Glow Research we are extremely proud that our systems have
Contributed to advancements in the Scientific community, MEMS,
Biomedical and the Semiconductor industry
We provide reasonably priced and reliable plasma systems.

Glow Plasma Systems

The GLOW plasma system is designed for high reliability and process flexibility.  Under $6,000 dollars. No tuning is required!  The  GLOW is suitable for lab, university or production applications. It can  perform a host of applications such as plasma cleaning, removing photoresist, prebond cleaning/conditioning, PDMS bonding and organic removal.  Has three electrode shelves—(1) low intensity plasma, (2) grounded plasma or(3) RIE type plasma processing--providing a great deal of process flexibility.  IN STOCK.  TRIAL SYSTEMS AVAILABLE

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AutoGlow 1000

AutoGlow 1000 is a large chamber production plasma system with multiple shelves for direct plasma or RIE processing.  Each sample shelf is 13.75” (35mm) x 16.75” (42.8 cm deep).  Up to four MFC’s can be used.  The AutoGlow 1000 is controlled by our advanced touch screen control system.   Made for your 24/7 production needs.

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AutoGlow Plasma Systems

AutoGlow 200  is designed for 8” (200mm) substrates or larger samples with RIE and plasma capability.  300 or 600 watt, 13.56 MHz system with adjustable power in one watt increments.  Anodized aluminum chamber.  Can be used for etching, FA applications, cleaning prior to die bond, organic removal or plasma cleaning.  Our AutoGlow 300LF (low frequency) system sells for as low as $17,000.  Two shelves (one powered, one ground) and sized  8.375” x 15” (220 mm x 381 mm). The quartz chamber AutoGlow can process 25 4” (100mm) wafers per run, or up to a 6” wafer.

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Software Upgrades on Older Plasma Systems

Glow Research makes the entire system (RF generator, RF matching, control system, chamber and gas flow modules).  Our systems are used in 3 shift/day production as well university/R&D applications.  We can install our Genesis Software Control System on older plasma systems—brings new life to older systems.

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